Dry dive at Midlands Diving Chamber – Saturday 19 September 2015

The Midlands Diving Chamber has agreed to run a dry dive for our club on Saturday 19 September.  The day will involve a ‘dry’ dive in the chamber down to 50m. Total run time of about an hour in the chamber – we get to play with some items at depth, run some tests and generally see how we react at that depth. We will then have a debrief and a chance to ask questions.  Divers are welcome to take along their computers or diving cameras to test out in the chamber. The dive CAN be logged.
10 spaces maximum – first come first served basis. £40 per person payable on the day. We can car share to Rugby as we’re not taking any dive kit so as to keep costs down.
Anyone interested, please contact the chair at chair@dudleynautilus.co.uk.

Diving at Vobster – Saturday 5 September 2015

Diving at Vobster – Saturday 5 September 2015 – 8.30am on the car park

Matt and Pete Forster are diving at Vobster and anyone wishing to come along would be more than welcome. Trainees must contact the Dive Officer prior to attending. Hope to do 2 dives (or 3 if time permits).
All of the relevant info regarding location, cost etc can be found on www.vobster.com
Please contact Pete or Matt so they have an idea of who will be attending.