Club Facilities and Equipment


We have two boats in the club, a 4 year old Excel and a 15 year old Delta.

The sea-going Delta RIB is kitted out with VHF Radio, echo sounder, GPS equipment and all the safety equipment associated with small boats.

The smaller Excel boat is used at the Reservoir as a safety boat.

This is a full list of the types of equipment which belong to the club. Some of it is only available for Try Dives and Training purposes, the rest is freely available to be used by qualified members on club dives.


Training/Try Dive Equipment

Air Cylinders
Nitrox Cylinders
Nitrox Pony cylinders11165152_803133200110_3297105059626531541_o

Buoyancy Compensators
Weight Belts
Wet suits
Semi Dry Suits
Dry Suits
… Everything you need to begin learning to dive!

Other Equipment

O2 Kits
O2 Analyser