Diving Resources

You can make use of these diving resources to plan your dive, before you dive the plan!

If you have any other diving resources that you think members would find useful, then let us know.

Netherton Reservoir rope course map:

netherton reservoir rope course map diving resources

The latest addition to the Rezza is a buoyancy gym (plastic frames of different shapes and sizes to swim through). This is usually located next to the 6m platform, although it tends to move around a bit.

Previous Dive Plans:

Popular Inland Dive Sites:

Popular UK Sea Dive Sites:

  • Divers Down – These are charter boats from Swanage and they have a full schedule of trips on their website.
  • Billy Shiels – They arrange boat trips around the Farne Islands, Northumberland.
  • Blue Turtle – They run dive trips out of Lyme Regis

Dive Planning Software:

  • Subsurface – This is an open source dive log which can download your dives off the dive computer. It lets you input additional details and then plan future dives.
  • MacDive If you run a Mac computer then MacDive is an option to log your dives and backup your dive computer profiles.
  • Pastoblend – This is useful if you have to carry out any gas blending because it supports Nitrox and Trimix.

Dive Planning Websites: