Diving Resources

Netherton Reservoir rope course map:

The latest addition to the Rezza is a buoyancy gym (plastic frames of different shapes and sizes to swim through) – usually located next to the 6m platform, although they tend to move around a bit.

Previous Dive Plans:

Popular Inland Dive Sites:

Popular UK Sea Dive Sites:

  • Divers Down – chartered boats from Swanage. Full schedule of trips on website.
  • Billy Shiels – arrange boat trips around the Farne Islands, Northumberland
  • Blue Turtle – diving out of Lyme Regis

Dive Planning Software:

  • Subsurface – This is an open source dive log which can download your dives off the dive computer, lets you input additional details, and plan future dives.
  • MacDive If you run a Mac computer, MacDive is an option to log your dives and backup your dive computer profiles.
  • Pastoblend – Useful if you have to carry out any gas blending. Supports Nitrox and Trimix.

Dive Planning Websites: