Diver Development and Mentoring

From progressive BSAC diver grade training programmes to one-off skills development courses, we tailor our training programmes to members’ needs, all delivered in a friendly, supportive and safe environment. The Clubhouse at Netherton Reservoir houses a classroom, which accommodates our non-water-based training.

Our Club’s qualified instructors, who give up their time free of charge (but never refuse a beer!), teach the following courses, conforming directly to the guidelines laid out by BSAC. Tuition is included in your membership fees and includes all necessary theory sessions.

Initial scuba training takes place in the pool at Halesowen Leisure Centre. Students are given full instruction in the pool to familiarise themselves with the use of scuba equipment and safe diving practices, before progressing into open water at Netherton Reservoir.

We are also keen to expand our member’s skills by running one-off BSAC skills development courses (SDCs) at the Club. In recent months our members have taken part in:

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training
  • Compressor operation training
  • Buoyancy and Trim Workshop
  • O2 Administration

These courses incur a one-off fee, but are well worth considering in order to expand your diving knowledge and skills beyond diver grade programmes. Fee is dependent on the course. 

We also encourage our members to follow their personal diving interests and attend BSAC training sessions around the country.

Mark and Ran saving lives in the AED training session
Another successful training session

Further to this one of our members also recently ran an informal lecture on ‘Zen Diving’. This was purely from a personal interest in understanding the human physiology of diving, including the mammalian reflex, and becoming as efficient as possible with breathing (thus using less air and allowing longer dive times, the holy grail!)

Do I need my own equipment?

New trainees can borrow scuba equipment, weight belt, cylinders, regulators and BC Jacket from the Club. Trainees can be use this equipment until they pass their Ocean Diver qualification when they are usually expected to purchase their own kit, although we can usually make arrangements to loan items on a temporary basis.

Mask and fins are considered to be more personal items, so new members are usually expected and may want to purchase their own on joining the club (Cost £70 – £100).

The Nautilus Training Team

Our Diving Officer Mark Smith –

  • Mark Smith Open Water Instructor
  • Ran Maglione  Open Water Instructor
  • Matt Bird Open Water Instructor
  • Mark Taylor Assistant Diving Instructor
  • Mark Collins – Assistant Diving Instructor
  • Carl Speckner  Assistant Diving Instructor

BSAC Skill development courses

Instructor Courses


If you are interested in any of the above training, or have any questions regarding training please contact Mark Smith, Diving Officer, at