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Thinking of trying scuba diving? Book a try dive now!

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Whether it’s been on your bucket list for years or you just fancy trying something different, now there is no excuse. Book a try dive now for only £10. If you join the Club later then this cost will be deducted from your joining fee.

A try dive gives you a taste of diving in the sheltered space of a swimming pool, so that you can make sure you’re happy with the basic aspects of diving. After a try dive you can become a member and start your formal scuba training.

You will be looked after by one of our experienced Club instructors. They will brief you on what you will do during the lesson, explain the equipment and then get you in the pool. The instructor will go at your pace so that you don’t feel rushed, or have to do anything you are not happy with.

We want you to be comfortable in the water and enjoy the experience of scuba diving!

Dudley Nautilus offer try dive lessons for first-timers at Halesowen Leisure Centre. Try dives are available most Thursday evenings from 7-8pm. We usually require at least one week’s notice to ensure instructor and equipment availability.

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We really hope that you enjoy your try dive and decide to join our Club to continue your training. Our membership fees page has a full breakdown of the joining fee and monthly Club subscription. This includes what you get for your money and expected cost of purchasing kit.

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