Try Dives

So you’re thinking of trying SCUBA diving?

Now there is no excuse. You can try a new sport, experience weightlessness, take an entirely new look at the world and feel great for only £10 to cover the pool and air costs. If you subsequently sign up to join the club then this will be deducted from your joining fee.

A try dive gives you a taste of diving in the sheltered space of a swimming pool, to make sure you’re happy with everything before becoming a member and starting your formal training.

You will be looked after by one of our experienced Club instructors who will brief you  and kit you up before getting in the pool. The instructor will go at your pace so you don’t feel rushed, or do anything you are not happy with.

We offer try-dive lessons for first-timers at Halesowen Leisure Centre. Try dives are available most Thursday evenings from 7-8pm. Pre-booking is essential.

To request a try dive fill the form below; alternatively, an e-mail to our Membership Rep, Derek Massey (, and he will get back to you to confirm the booking.

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